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tv   News with Ed  RT  July 19, 2017 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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that has sold its soul for corporate money that we might as well be mice squeaking against an avalanche but squeak we must. tonight a drastic shift in american policy as the president ends the cia's program of arming syrian rebels and staggering figures from the c b o is thirty two million americans are expected to lose health insurance by twenty twenty six and the american postal workers union holds a day of action as war labor groups of pose the white house budget proposal i'm ed schultz reporting tonight from washington d.c. you're watching r.t. america. good evening france we start tonight with a reported major shift in american foreign policy in syria president trump well in
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the cia's program to arm in train syrian rebels fighting against the assad government the move is likely to be met with approval in moscow the russian government has been a strong backer of the syrian assad regime for years the move comes after a recent cease fire in syria negotiated between presidents trump and putin at the g. twenty in germany the cease fire has held for almost two weeks now there has been increasing international acknowledgment peace in syria could exist without the removal of a sign in paris last week during a press conference with president trump president macron of france said that removing assad was not a priority for war on all of this we're joined tonight by former u.s. diplomat jim jim good to have you with us think you could be we have not really had a real defined policy come out of the trump administration this is really. first
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significant move or is it what do you make it well first off i think the ceasefire in the southwest syria was itself a minor miracle and by that which would took me by surprise very positively but this potentially is usage if that if it's all it's cracked up to be this is this is potentially a real game changer let's let's remember these these so-called moderate rebels were talking their various offshoots of al qaeda like i was saying. they're really bad people they're killing christians are doing all sorts of horrible things we should have been supporting them in the first place and a trump is going to do this and it's and sounds from the reports that this is serious this is a real game changer how will the war hawks and these hard line conservatives on capitol hill respond to this oh they're going to scream bloody murder at you already seeing today unnamed official saying this is a victory for putin blah blah blah it doesn't occur to some people that not supporting terrorists is the right thing for america having nothing to do with russia well the american people don't have the appetite for being in syria either with boots on the ground so it's somewhat of a populist move by the president isn't it well if there are some people say because
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the american people don't want to merican boots on the ground that's why we have to support proxies like these very very bad people because we have to block the iranians or thwart the russians or something like that and i think what this shows some strategic sense on president part and also i would commend senator rand paul in representing tolson gabbert who've been trying to do this legislatively do you think that hillary clinton would have done this not on your life are you kidding but that you know this i look which did in libya as secretary of state this whole idea of regime change and look dirty there are a document showing that during her time as secretary of state she knew that al qaeda in even isis were benefiting from some of our aid programs and those of our allies like saudi arabia and turkey and so forth how much russian influence was in this decision if any i wouldn't look at it so much as russian influence but rather what trump said he would do during the campaign that we have strategic interests in common with russia we agree on a common programme that means fighting the terrorists the conservatives and i'm just. speculating here are going to say that the president said america doesn't win
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anymore they're going to view this as a loss they wanted assad out the policy of the united states over a number of administrations has been to get rid of assad office assad was terrible in the eyes the american the united states and now it's son this is the president living up to his campaign talk that we're not going to be the international police officer what about that it is that i would put it in conservative terms look i'm a conservative and remember a lot lot of this anti trump russia stuff is coming very much from the left the neo cons and the and the and the one whom i consider phony conservatives and some of the left are in bed together and they're very anti russian and they're very poor for a regime change so no more cruise missile strikes on syria is that where we are i hope that's where we are i hope we don't see another provocation other false flag gas attack like we saw in it leap like we saw in ghouta so i look the we're not out of the woods you here yet but i think this is blazing the trail for the right in
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the right direction jim jetter us always a pleasure to have you with us thank you the controversy will meeting donald trump jr had with russian businesspeople has taken an interesting turn the russian lawyer accused of being a russian agent says she's been targeted by bill browder and will testify in front of the united states senate not only vested in its gaia gave an exclusive interview to our tea we pick up the story tonight with alexy our shops. that a.b.c. news cut herself spoke exclusively to r.t. not only said that her main and all new mission there was to lobby against immigrants but also that now she fears for her life she would. have to think about my safety first and foremost about the safety of my family my four children it's been revealed that mr browder has been gathering information about me to try to find out where there are married or not whether i have children or not found
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photos of my house and sent them to copartner he's a famous man in the house of representatives so they shared all these details with people from the state department i don't know why he's doing this i can only make assumptions here and see today's situation has been heating up for ten days or so as a very well orchestrated story concocted by one particular manipulator and that is mr brown so who is this william browder that this is spying on her and concocting what she calls smear campaign is the businessman who are on one of the biggest investment companies in russia and the one nine hundred ninety s. before being blacklisted by the russian government for allegedly running tax evasion schemes and convicted for that. since he never returned to moscow after two thousand and six he was also the boss of lawyers to the game of needs who died in russian jail in two thousand and nine after reportedly investigating tax fraud and his death prompted the act of two thousand and twelve essentially sanctioning several dozen russian officials and other individuals but according to another
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e-mail revealed in the league trove which contains suggestions this only its goal was spied on by brothers men not everyone is buying into the broader narrative and he sees investigative reporter kim delaney and broader story on his as was largely false and even misled lawmakers including. with the core claim by delaney and that magnitsky was the fall guy for the brodeur's own crimes this in the sky who has been lobbying for abolition of magnitsky act on behalf of individual clients and also had one. against brodeur in court in an unrelated case is hardly surprised about that and the flip the story of this was the story that i brought to donald trump jr i wanted him to know that browder the person who gave up his us citizenship is trying to manipulate people in congress and now we even know their names the media have disclosed them he was making all those connections even though he hadn't lived in the country for twenty years was not paying any taxes not doing anything he was full in fact his only mission was to go after his opponents while
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gaining some political capital it was nothing but retaliation from this man who did this in order to distract everyone with a stake story i did to clarify the situation behind this mass hysteria but only through lawyers or testifying in the u.s. senate and the ranking democrat on the senate intel committee mark warner says that he is looking forward to her testimony the media is in an uproar over a second only reported meeting between presidents trump and put at the g twenty in germany earlier this month during a dinner the two sat side by side with only a russian translator present for nearly an hour the meeting went on but no one knows what they were talking about the white house has not disclosed the content of the conversation but the mainstream media is got some serious speculation here we've got legal media analysts tonight lionel good to have you with us the president says the media is sick for their portrayal of this meeting there was
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nothing illegal it's not unusual it was in an open format why are they overheating over this. because they've got nothing this is as i've said before it's a joke without a punchline you know at a work like this i was doing my due diligence in research and a chemical ponder story were ian bremmer from the year razor group broke the story ed broke the story that for a period of time the president actually spoke with with putin with our russian translator never since may of one nine hundred seventy two when nixon spoke to bryson f. with our russian translator parentheses it's not unprecedented but they met we don't know what they talked about that i don't know what you're saying you can ask but why would we know if they're talking about he's the president for god's sake good point i would say good point and this just snowballed and snowballs and the
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idea is that the president would allow a russian interpreter who would not necessarily a have america's best interest ed let me stop right there am i the only one in thanking our lucky stars that the united states and russia two super duper nuclear powers yes you know sometimes i think the media and the democrats would love to see an exchange a nuclear exchange between russia and the united states just to blame it on trump i mean there are so overboard across the board they distort every story this is normal operating procedure it happens at the g. twenty it even happens when you're sitting down with a head of state the same way barack obama is will play this sat down with president medvedev at the time.
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holy smokes obama was touching a russian and there was no translator there what do you make of that what would you do be to making a big mistake you're looking for parity and you're trying to to see whether this makes sense you can't bring up hillary can bring up obama this is separate but at what we're doing the point i'm making is that what obama said there is that when i after the election things are going to be different i won't have to put up with all this other stuff the point is the mainstream media never went after obama for that because they got a little sand and then here we are going after trump i just want that fairness across the board what if he had thought because i had a millions around minister what if he had talked to merkel what if he had talked to macron would that have generated but no because it's russia holy smokes are you going to make a deal out of what i said that with this telling is this cheek and the point is we can never ever look elsewhere what we're doing also is you have many americans who
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when you hear this this incessant drumbeat and this perception ration of this idea that something happened they would think that by the way ed is this fake news i said then respectfully yes it is because what it does is it gives an unfair heft to was story in a way to us is very when all they have to do is just report and move on and allow less what this means lionel good to have you with us tonight thanks so yes sir let's turn to health care because today's cabo figures on the senate health care bill are nothing short of staggering another estimate thirty two million americans are expected to lose health insurance by the year two thousand and twenty six nine million more than under the previous house bill meanwhile earlier today the senate's fifty two republican members met at the white house for lunch for the president to talk health care president trump presented what i. i think is the most to date the most full throated sales pitch for the senate health care bill the
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president said repeal is not enough there must be something to replace obamacare manila chan is been following the story even though and we have yet to hear anything out of the white house since the c.b.o.t. came out with their their latest analysis earlier this evening but had this afternoon this was the most we've ever heard out of the president since either houses of congress presented their versions of a replacement for the a ca the third attempt at the senate health care bill got a big push today during a lunchtime meeting between the president and republican senators so my message today is really simple we have to stay here we should leave town and we should hammer this out and get it done and not just to repeal it was sort of early on along with a few of the other folks at the table. the repeal was fine i was with but we want to get more than a think the people of this country need more than a repeal they need to repeal and replace and we were very very close and
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then little things happened but now we're very close again it was a hard sell because the bills for gelati is hanging in the balance needing to secure at least fifty votes but many already calling it dead on arrival with five senators valent to oppose it should it hit the floor next week you have dean heller mike lee jerry moran susan collins of course rand paul all say no and former health insurance executive wendell potter appeared on this very show echoing this and previous c.b.s. sentiments. the reality is that many many people will lose their coverage now he was specifying some people who would not lose their coverage at least right away but the reality is if you cut the medicaid program by half a trillion dollars you're going to be affecting families and lives children in clued in children all over the country the president also said
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a few days ago that this this legislation will help restore the patient physician patient relationship it just simply does not it will take us in the wrong direction and the wrong direction is absolutely correct with the studios newest number crunching revealing that now thirty two million people will lose insurance and raise premiums by about twenty five percent upside to the senate be c.r.a. is that the federal deficit would be reduced by about four hundred seventy three billion dollars over the next ten years but much of that will come from the cuts of medicaid across the country so as we saw after lunch that majority leader mitch mcconnell appeared more confident enough to say that he was gonna bring the said to a vote next week but he may have spoken a little bit too soon ahead of the c b o ok thanks manilla and of course not all of the republican senators were very today because john mccain was in arizona after having a procedure done last friday and for more on health care is far as john mccain is
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concerned the hill is reporting tonight and sourcing the mayo clinic that senator john mccain has been diagnosed with a brain tumor we'll have more on this as it comes to us for more on health care we are joined by ted harvey he is the chairman of the committee to defend the president mr harvey nice to have you with us tonight tell us about your organization the committee to defend the president what it what is that. well good evening ed thank you for having me on when we originally the stop hillary pac we started the stop hillary pac almost four years ago now to make sure that hillary clinton never step foot in the white house and after the day after the election when we saw the the left having a national temper tantrum on college campuses across the country and then we saw the recounts and then we saw all of the other stuff to try to discredit the election and discredit this administration our members demanded that we continue to fight for the president continue to fight for the voters who elected him well he's
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got a fight on his hands with health care right now does he own this he campaigned on this and he's had some shifting positions in fact yesterday he had this to say about the health care situation and i think we're probably in that position where we'll just let obamacare fail we're not going to own it i'm not going on it i can tell you the republicans are not going to own it mr armey that was a different story today at the white house where he was pushing repeal and replace what do you what do you make of the shifting move or is it. well i think certainly the republicans have been elected for the last eight years promising the american people that they would repeal obamacare they have a majority greater than they've had since one thousand nine hundred twenty eight and they have a republican president it's time that they do what they promised the american people that they would do and that is repeal obamacare and i agree with the president with what he said today that there has to be something put in place we can't just allow the states i've been a former state some of been a former legislator so i understand that the states all have their insurance
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commissioners that need to implement it so we've got to give the state something to implement what the republicans are that we do that mr harvey what the republicans have come up with is drastically not in a favorable column for trump supporters in fact in many of the districts that trump won the presidential election his health care this health care bill both the house and the senate don't fare very well so where does the president's responsibility come in on this well i think this president you needs to use the bully pulpit in these tight senate races across the country where democrats currently hold those seats and he won by sixty percent we need to get the votes necessary out of the senate to repeal obamacare and put in place what i believe is a free market policy that think you'll get the votes should i think he's and you think you'll get the votes you think he's got the political capital to do it i think the president has the political capital and he can use the bully pulpit
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better than any president i've ever seen and and i i wouldn't count him short and i wouldn't count mcconnell short either i think we have the most but the best team in washington d.c. to get this done mr harvey finally what about russia the mainstream media is all over the president for having another leader with meeting with vladimir putin what do you make of it where do you stand on that. god forbid the president united states meets with the head of state of another country that's his job that's what we elected him to do and i don't see that there's any problem with our president i don't care which president is what party it is meeting with a head of another country and i think it's all a bunch of bluster and the media is trying to come up with something do you think president you think president trump was under attack by the media. well that's an understatement for something that is totally irrelevant to what the it's the country needs to have going forward but this president what the american people elected him to do all right ted harvey is the chairman of the committee to defend
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the president good to have you with us tonight thank you had it democrats and civil rights groups are working to destroy the president's voter fraud commission the president established a commission to study voter fraud in the two thousand and sixteen election president trump has alleged three to five million fraudulent votes were cast in last year's election democrats and other groups believe the commission is partisan and will target minority and other disadvantaged liberal communities the commission held its first meeting today here in washington and labor unions are fighting back against the white house budget proposal the postal workers union have been under pressure to privatized by conservative groups for years the american postal workers union organized a day of action on tuesday to protest the white house budget for more on that we're joined tonight by the president of the postal workers union mark jim is seen mark good to have you with us and be here and tell me about the budget from your perspective and the conversation of the middle class in this country seems to have
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evaporated or gone into outer space that's not even talked about but what does this budget do well in broad stroke we would call it robin hood in reverse taking from the workers and giving to the wealthy so it's a budget that. is going to create if it becomes fact it's going to create hoops tax breaks for the wealthy. more bloating of the military industrial complex all at the expense of working people and so many programs we need and also will be paid for by eliminating in attacking benefits that working people have heard over many years so they this budget a tax the the benefits of federal worker absolutely for example the proposed white house budget and we were calling yesterday and the day of action in all the house people in congress and urged them to reject these kind of attacks
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for instance there's a proposal that the postal workers and don't forget. the post office doesn't receive tax dollars the postal workers would have to pay six percent more for their retirement benefits all along the way that's like coming into our homes holding us up with a gun and saying give me three thousand dollars a year out of your pocket and come back next year and do it again geez oh it's a hold up it's a heist do you get a sense of were president trump is and his administration on the effort to privatized the postal service well we we we know that the heritage foundation for many years has this in their sights and we know that the heritage foundation has a big influence on the white house on the other hand we do have bipartisan legislation working its way through congress and they would not privatized they would help the post office get on a much more stable foundation be able to serve the people for generations to come as it should so we're hoping that that is what will take your union has been very
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progressive on health care in and provided very well what do you make of the conversation here in washington the fight over health care well our union is on record for medicare for all everybody and nobody out so i think in general we think it's a debate between bad and worse do you think the democrats are pushing hard enough for single payer not at all we think that there would add to the affordable care act which has deep problems it's not affordable it hasn't solved the health care problems has been a boon to the pharmaceuticals it's been a boon to the insurance companies and we think medicare fraud medicare already works in these if we expanded to everybody we think it's fair we think it's just we think it's simple and actually it would not only would help the workers it really help the business community as well what is the biggest finally the biggest challenge that you're facing with the postal service in this country with the strong sentiment on capitol hill the privatized well i'm not sure it's
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a strong sentiment on capitol hill i think we actually have a lot of support for a public postal service a lot of people understand there's definitely a threat yeah of privatization but a lot of people do understand in this day of e-commerce. as well as all the needs that the post office serves for the people of this country if it's not in public hands if it doesn't go to every household and has to e-commerce isn't going to work and so many of the other communication methods in the democratic impulse of being able to communicate to do so privacy and all that is something that a lot of people do want to protect margot and seem great to have you with us tonight present they are imposing your resume you bet the carrier corporation based in indianapolis indiana will cut three hundred jobs tomorrow and six hundred thirty jobs by the end of the year at its furnace manufacturing plant the company is also cutting another seven hundred workers at its plant in huntington indiana all of those jobs are going to mexico after the election the president touted his deal
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with united technologies as a win after the company agreed to keep eleven hundred jobs in indiana the company was awarded over seven million dollars in state tax incentives to keep those eleven hundred jobs in the state of indiana since the election the united technology stock has risen over twenty percent. the supreme court upheld a federal judge's order today expanding the number of immigrants who can enter the country from the six muslim majority nations included in the president's temporary travel ban the ruling allows extended family members including grandparents to enter the united states the travel ban went into effect on june twenty ninth and it restricts travel from these countries aronne libya somalia sudan syria and yemen for a hundred twenty days the supreme court will hear the full case in the fall tensions remain high jerusalem's temple mount after three consecutive nights of violence
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between israeli police and muslim protesters the clashes were triggered by a as really as installation of metal detectors at the entrances at the temple mount following a deadly terror attack last friday dozens of people have been injured parties paula slayer is on the ground and has the story the situation here is extremely volatile the police have just started firing rubber bullets here in front of one of the gates of the aqsa mosque now that is clashes that have broken out there has met a play is just being held but if you look over here you can see the police seem to be grabbing people and pushing some people one way now ever since friday when two israeli security officers were killed here near the compound the situation has been spiraling now there is a day of rage that has been called for today and hundreds if not thousands of palestinians are making their way here as you can see the police are cordoning off the area now this is a way to try and calm the situation what the palestinians really are protesting
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against is the use of missile to take to they say that this is an infringement on the freedom to pray but at the same time of course is maybe say that this is the mississippi security measures so at the moment whereas you know normally there are nine gates that into the al aqsa mosque only three are open this is a situation that is going to continue to climb not. night there were protests and clashes in the arab neighborhoods near here they were number of people who were injured from a bullet what is interesting is that a coin has gone out but all muslim worship has not to go to the mosque on friday but instead come here converge in front of the gates and protest against these mesas measures by israel that they say are not about security but are rather about changing the status quo and imposing israeli sovereignty over this area. jerusalem and that is our news tonight follow me on twitter at news where they have like me on the facebook page we've got it i'm ed schultz reporter from washington she about
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. to. talk.
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about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath . but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters a mind it's consumed with death this one quite different as i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker .


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